Make your Life Plan your Reality.

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Life Planning provides person-centered support planning to assist both children and adults to use a Consumer Directed Community Support Waiver to achieve the highest level of functioning possible.

Our Method Includes:

  • A personal meeting with Waiver recipients, family members, care providers and friends (anyone a client feels would be beneficial and chooses to include).
  • Developing a person-centered budget plan to best utilize waiver funds to increase independence and provide resources not otherwise available.
  • Work with client's County Social Worker and Fiscal Entity to ensure the plan follows state and county guidelines.
  • Act as a ongoing resource for knowledge and act as an advocate when needed.
  • Assist with coordinating Individualized Education Plans (IEP's), Teachers, Physicians, Therapists, Camp Staff and associated care providers  to ensure common goal achievement.
  • Monitor expense reports throughout the year to ensure the budget is utilized appropriately and adaptations are made when needed to meet changing client needs.